Interview: Soror Kallikrates

Soror Kallikrates is a Thelemite who associates with Blazing Star Oasis in the Valley of Oakland, California.

How did you hear about Thelema and what
drew you to it?

I had heard about Thelema from a friend I met through grad school. I began showing up to the oasis sporadically and started to read Crowley and other Thelemic texts. It didn’t take long to realize that the philosophy of Thelema was something I already inherently held as my truth. Once I started to frequent the oasis, I quickly became connected to many of the members of my temple. I was drawn by the strong community of soldiers of freedom with similar aims and never looked back.

What is Magick to you?

Magick is many things to me. In short, magick is present in every moment. The Will is not a concrete idea or goal that one can simply “have,” but rather a fluid concept that we strive to be in line with. To me this means that my daily actions, thoughts, beliefs, and intentions are the magick. While larger rituals are important I believe it is the smaller rituals we partake in everyday, such as how we care for ourselves, that are of significance. Our Will can be found in any given moment, as it is something we can align ourselves with. It is present among us, not something in our fixed in our future.

Why do you think Thelema is different from other philosophies? What makes it stand out to you?

Thelema is unique in that it is radically accepting. There are no roles or boundaries to adhere to. The only sin is to not be in line with your Will, which is a beautiful and liberating concept. I can think of no other religion or philosophy that is as expansive or accepting. As human beings we each have different needs, attractions, perceptions and so forth that are constantly in flux, just as the True Will…what better way to inform a philosophy then to make it suited to each individual. Thelema is what you make it.

What do you love about OTO? What drew you to it? What makes you stay?

Fraternity. I love OTO because of my Brothers and Sisters. I cannot think of another community of people that are as connected and truly supportive of one another regardless of distance or disagreements. What makes us strong is our differences. We know this, accept it, and thrive off of it. The beauty of OTO is ineffable. I remain dedicated because the Law is something I deeply believe in and am willing to fight for. Everyday Thelema gives me the opportunity to grow, contemplate my Will, surround myself with others doing the same and allow me to be myself.

What do you think are most important Magick and meditation practices?

Each magick and meditation practice differ for everyone. For myself, the foundation it is what Crowley describes as yoga. (Asana, Pranayama, Mantras, Dhyana). The reason being is that these from of yoga allow oneself to delve into the mind, build self awareness, and ultimately discipline. Without understanding and disciplining the mind, not much else is possible. Through these practices one is able to construct a an internal world view that permits one be have more intention in each moment…which is where the magick happens. 🙂

What do you think is the thing that most people misunderstand about Thelema?

One of the most misunderstood aspects of Thelema is Crowley himself. People seem to condemn him for innumerable reasons which from my perspective is due to the fact that he did not appear nor make an attempt to appear perfect. People often want to see their gods, gurus, or leaders appear flawless, enlightened, and perfect. The brilliant thing about Crowley is that he was a man among men. He let his “imperfections” show and followed his True Will. Personally, I prefer and trust individuals more when they are authentic and genuine.
Another misunderstood aspect is the idea that Thelema is a goth druggie devil worshiping sex cult. This may or may not be true for some. Do what thou wilt. The mistake that is made in this example is generalization- assuming that all Thelemites are x, y,

Why do you think OTO is important to Thelema?

OTO is the glue that holds Thelema together in a cohesive and manageable band of soldiers. OTO gives Thelema more power to promulgate the Law and make changes in the world. It creates a community that provides the support of like minded individuals and encouragement to continue the Great Work. Solitary work may work best for some, however in my experience, what makes Thelema powerful and unique is the fraternity aspect.

How do you see the world differently as a Thelemite?

Although I feel like I’ve always been an innate Thelemite, being active in ritual and immersing myself in the material seem accentuate the Thelemic ideals in my life. It brings True Will to the forefront of my mind not only for myself but for others. As a psychologist, I feel it heavily impacts my work and makes me more proficient at my craft. I am constantly looking at ways I can assist others in aligning themselves with their True Will. Personally, it allows me to bring more focus to my actions, thoughts, and intentions. Finding ones innermost sense or intuition is not an easy task

What is your favorite part about the Gnostic Mass?

What I love about the mass is it’s depth. I feel as though each time I attend mass I catch or understand something new. Not only that but it differs every time depending on the mass team. It’s incredibility inspiring to watch different energies flow and work together. Everyone has their own distinct interpretations of the rubric and are able to bring that to life. It truly speaks to what Thelema is all about. Each individual star is able to burn brightly and whilst having that beautiful interplay with other stars.