Interview: Daniel Mueller

Daniel Mueller is a Thelemite who associates with L.V.X. Æterna Lodge in Stuttgart, Germany.

How did you hear about Thelema and what drew you to it?

A friend’s mother was interested in esoterica and owned the first German translation of Liber AL vel Legis. We hung out a lot at their living room, and one day when I went to grab The Book of the Law she said, “Oh no, Daniel. Not that book. It’s evil.” Of course that attracted a young boy more than anything else. My friend and I started to research St. Aleister Crowley as far as it was possible in theses days, and although I know today what we found out was nonsense, it worked very well to attract me.

What is Magick to you?

Controlling and changing the Self.2C Thelema - Daniel Mueller

Why do you think Thelema is different from other philosophies? What makes it stand out to you?

Thelema provides a universal moral code which is inspired by the natural needs of Mankind and the possibility to create a personal moral code inspired by the needs of the Individual. Also it allows the individual the greatest possible freedom of opinion and expression. I don’t know any other philosophy that works in a religious context which includes all of that.

What do you love about OTO? What drew you to it? What makes you stay?

The initiatory system of the O.T.O. helped me to grow in multiple ways. If I look back, I must confess that contrary to all the stuff I said when I initially joined O.T.O., I was only interested in having my own needs fulfilled. O.T.O. as whole, and especially some of the members, helped to fulfill them but now I try to do the same for others. Also, it is a important part of my life to promulgate the Law of Thelema and O.T.O. is for me the sole base to do that.

What do you think are most important Magick and meditation practices?

Magick: Creating systems and using them.

Meditation: Finding and exploring silence.

What do you think is the thing that most people misunderstand about Thelema?

2C Thelema - Daniel MuellerI am not in a position to tell someone whether they understand Thelema or not. The only time I interfere is when people misuse Liber 77 (Liber OZ) or try to convince people that they know better than others about what Thelema is.

Why do you think OTO is important to Thelema?

It is the most important foundation of promulgating the Law.

What do you think are the most important aspects of Thelema?

Freedom and Growth.

Do you have any stories from any experiences with Magick?

Nothing I want to share.

Where do you see OTO going in the next 10 years?

We are growing in healthy way and I like that.

How do you see the world differently as a Thelemite?

I can take my self out of the daily global madness without being ignorant about it.

What is your favorite part about the Gnostic Mass?

The Gnostic Mass is the center of my religious life and a powerful trigger of religious trance/experience. Being the Priest in the Mass is my favorite part.

How do you see Thelema evolving in its 2nd Century of existing (i.e. after 100 years)? How is it different or how is it going to be different? What has grown or changed?

Thelema didn’t evolve, the Thelemites did. To me it seems like the “spooky, bearded, always dressed all in black, constantly talking about ghosts and demons” type is dying out and that’s a very good thing.


3 responses to “Interview: Daniel Mueller

  1. muah, Daniel.

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  3. Hi Daniel-find ich ja super,dass ich der Anlass war Dich auf den Weg zuschicken und wie’s ausschaut hat sich nun Dein Schiff in ruhigere Gewaesser begeben. Crowley hat mit mir nicht so ressoniert-wegen der Dunkelheit,wie du so schoen beschreibst”the spooky-bearded,always dressed all in black,constantly talking about ghosts and demons” so is dying out -zum Glueck ,es ist wie mit anderen Religionen-outdated-wir leben doch nicht mehr im Mittelalter ! Ich weiss nicht viel ueber ” Thelma” aber im Grunde stimme ich damit ueberein-abgesehen von Ritualen,die moegen hilfreich und fuer viele wichtig zusein-auch denke ich wir brauchen weder Kirchen noch Tempel-es gibt nichts anzubeten,ausser uns selbst. Alles ist Energie und der Energie ists egal ob sie angebetet wird oder nicht.Action and Reaction-ziehmlich simpel. LOVE IS THE LAW ! COEXCIST ! Gutes Interview – und schoene Pics. …. ALLES GUTE-POLDI

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