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Thelemic Culture Update: July 2013

Thelemic Culture UpdateThelemic Culture Update is a monthly feature that brings together links to various announcements, writings, and events from around the web.

  • Speech in the Silence: Program #43 of Speech in the Silence with “The Integrated Magical Life pt. 2” by Lon Milo DuQuette, the first part of a lecture by IAO131 on “The 4 Weapons of a True Magician,” a readings from Dr. David Shoemaker’s new book Living Thelema: A Practical Guide to Attainment in Aleister Crowley’s System of Magick.  [Speech in the Silence]
  • 2nd Century Thelema: New interviews now online:
  • Living Thelema the book: Dr. David Shoemaker has announced the release of Living Thelema: A Practical Guide to Attainment in Aleister Crowley’s System of Magick.  Adapted from the popular podcast segment of the same name, Living Thelema brings a welcome approachability to Crowley’s material, without diminishing the depth of the system. The author focuses on the practical and experiential aspects of the path of Thelema, allowing the reader to grasp the true transformative power of the system. Pre-orders are now available for the trade paperback, hardbound, and special edition leather-bound editions. [Living Thelema]
  • Aleister Crowley on the History Channel: Aleister Crowley was featured on The History Channel’s show “How Sex Changed the World.” It portrays him fairly positively and has far less inaccuracies than many depictions of him. [YouTube]
  • OTO Local Body History Map: Compiled from the archives of the Electoral College, this tool was created to visualize the growth of OTO local bodies over the years. [keepsilence]
  • Kenneth Anger on ‘Lucifer Rising’: The Guardian published an interview with Kenneth Anger on how Lucifer Rising was created. [The Guardian]
  • AMeTh Lodge Journal, I:2: AMeTh Lodge in London, UK released the newest issue of their journal. This beautifully produced, 168-page issue includes some amazing art as well as articles on Crowley’s views on spiritualism, an interview with Lon DuQuette, a Thelemic approach to astrology, an account of Crowley’s trip to Russia with his troupe of Ragged Ragtime Girls, a Thelemic fable, and much more. [AMeTh OTO]
  • IAO131: Thelemic author IAO131 has a couple new pieces:
    • Liber ARARITA: A commentary has been written by IAO131 on the oft-neglected Holy Book of Thelema, Liber ARARITA. [IAO131]
    • Rituals of the Elements: Another Ritual of the Elements for the Vernal Equinox written by IAO131 is now available. [IAO131]
  • Interview with Joseph Thiebes: “Where Did the Road Go?” did an interview about Aleister Crowley with Joseph Thiebes, a founding co-producer of Speech in the Silence and the man behind the AC2012 campaign. [Where Did the Road Go?]
  • Essay on Belief and the Creed: In this article written for his Deacon ordination, Frater M.P.D. writes about belief as a magical tool within the contexts of Thelema and scientific illuminism. [Force & Fire]
  • Frater Achad’s book QBL inscribed to Aleister Crowley: The first edition of Frater Achad’s book QBL: The Bride’s Reception is for sale. This is the copy that Frater Achad personally inscribed to Aleister Crowley with the words “To my Beloved Father / 666 / in the hope that this, my / first book, may meet with / his approval / 777.” It is currently going for over $39,900. [Abebooks]
  • Some images floating around this month: