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Thelemic Culture Update: May 2013

Thelemic Culture UpdateThelemic Culture Update is a monthly feature that brings together links to various announcements, writings, and events from around the web.

  • Speech in the Silence: Speech in the Silence took a little break this month, but many past segments can be found on their YouTube channel. [YouTube]
  • Fill/Kill: Hymenaeus Beta released an essay called “On the Kill Me / Fill Me Correction to Liber Legis” explaining in more depth his rationale for correcting Liber AL [OTO]
    • Hymenaeus Beta released further information on Fill/Kill, specifically showing the use of “kill” in Liber CXX: Liber Cadaveris [OTO]
    • Finally, Hymenaeus Beta has released a third essay entitled “On the Fill/Kill Correction (3),” which is the most comprehensive essay so far. It contains a list of information about the history of publications of Liber AL, including a table detailing the various changes made at different times. [OTO]
  • Celebrities & OTO: After all the hubbub around Peaches Geldof and OTO last month, “Sex Positive Thelema” chimes in on the issue with a short piece titled “Why are celebrities joining the O.T.O.?” [Sex Positive Thelema]
  • IAO131: Frater IAO131 discusses promulgation of the Law of Thelema on the Internet, including resistances and possibilities, in this new essay. [IAO131]
  • O.T.O. Poland
    • MarOTOn: Sister Ania ran a marathon in Paris to raise funds for O.T.O. Poland. She ran over 700 miles, and raised £2535 (US $3900)! [Unofficial OTO Facebook page]
    • Liber XV: O.T.O. Poland and its published arm Academia Masonica Press announced the launch of a new edition of ‘Liber XV: The Gnostic Mass’ as a beautful hardback publication bound in faux leather. Limited edition of 200 copies, containing an official and updated list of Saints, two appendices with descriptions of steps and signs, and a translation of Greek words and phrases [Unofficial OTO Facebook page]
  • NOTOCON IX: Registration is still open for NOTOCON IX: Neither East nor West (Aug. 9-11, 2013). [NOTOCON]
  • Some images floating around this month: