Thelemic Culture Update: February 2013

Thelemic Culture UpdateThelemic Culture Update is a monthly feature that brings together links to various announcements, writings, and events from around the web.

  • Speech in the Silence episode 39 includes a lecture by Christian Giudice on “The Influence of Aleister Crowley on Kenneth Anger”, a “Living Thelema” segment by David Shoemaker on “Qabalistic Coping Skills,” and music by Frater Oz and Clock Ticks Late [Speech in the Silence]
  • Presentations for “NOTOCON IX:  Neither East nor West” announced online [NOTOCON]
  • Vol.13, No.2 of Agapé — The Official Organ of U.S. Grand Lodge, O.T.O. — is now available online [Agapé]
  • Do you suffer from irregularity? Liber Resh might be for you. [Speech in the Silence]
  •  AC2012 tackles the Number of the Beast: 616 or 666? [AC2012]
  • Merriam-Webster gets the definition of “Thelemite” wrong [Merriam-Webster]
  • “True Will”: an interview with IAO131 about Naturalistic Occultism [Humanistic Paganism]
  • Some images floating around this month:

2 responses to “Thelemic Culture Update: February 2013

  1. Merriam-Webster didn’t get the definition of Thelemite wrong, but they only include an older (likely long obsolete) usage and not the more recent Croweian usage.

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