Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law.

There is no god but man. There is no law beyond Do what thou wilt.

The New Aeon began in 1904 with the reception of The Book of the Law on April 8-10, and – in Spring of 2004, e.v. – we entered the 2nd Century of this New Aeon. 2nd Century Thelema is a website dedicated to exploring how Thelema is developing the 2nd Century of the New Aeon.

To start, check out our two main sections:


Love is the law, love under will.

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  2. 93. Prodigious website ! – best regards from Paris – 93/93

  3. I really enjoyed the interviews. I am called a Thelemite since 1972 e.v. although some time prior I had embraced magick as my Path. When a new website comes up I am always amazed and relieved it is all growing where more of those who are called Thelemites exist in the world. Prior to 1972 e.v. I tried to find a Path with Eliphas Levi, Alice Bailey and other mystics who never stood up to the glory of the Book of the Law and the Master Therion. I compliment you sincerely on a really intutive approach with your website. I look forward to reading more interviews.

  4. 93! This is Great Work! An online Thelemic media outlet… who would have thought? It has been such a joy to watch and be a part of Thelema moving into the ‘vulgar’ 21st century. The combination of consciousness and technology wielded to expand the way we view life and Magick IS Magick! Thank you to all the contributors. As one who makes his bread and salt from media production and event coordination I can appreciate how much this takes to produce and maintain. Would love to get n touch and get involved. 93 93/93

  5. Seems a bit O.T.O.-heavy. How about more from Thelemites more representative of A.’.A.’. and independents?

    • 93 – There’s a couple that are affiliated with other organizations or unaffiliated. I’ve reached out to many but, unfortunately, people either don’t reply or their replies seem a little insane… I’m open to having more people contribute, though.

  6. I just found this site today, very interesting so far. At the moment I’m unaffiliated and independent and still learning everything to do with Thelema. 93~~~

  7. Margaret Christie Burns

    Thank you! 93!

  8. Do What Thou Wilt
    Anglican Thelema, we adapt we overcome and then we conquer. I took the dismissal of a Gay Christian community personal and I will if necessary become a gay vicar and fight the strong defending my parish. I’m hoping to attract an exodus of Gay Men and women worldwide to come and live in my parish. It is a treaty of components that we can isolate for the sake of a communal Will that is being held in a bond of prejudice that I won’t tolerate. With and with whom he will! Having isolated the 8th of April 1904 as Liber AL Genesis I can apply it to Christianity without adding a single word to Revelation. Can the Muslim claim the same? We are to be a beacon for those held outside the house of God and the discrimination that holds a bastardised child from entering the house of God is also dealt with, I’m no Jew and happily return to Mars if necessary. The Jew too is held at checkmate and HRH Princess Catherine will sponsor me of my conviction for the good of HRH Flock. The average Anglican vicar is party to some fraternal lodge or other and I’ve already introduced myself to the nation ( UK ) and there’s not a Masonic Vicar would say nay because we can arrange his day of duty to take a shortfall and their arrogant monopolising men with it.

    God Save The Queen

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